Understanding Omicron and Other Variants of Covid-19

Understanding Omicron and Other Variants of Covid-19

In December 2020, a new coronavirus variant was reported, and since then, many other COVID-19 variants have been making headlines. Each variant has been reported to be more transmissible than others because viruses constantly change gradually via mutations. As expected, news media have reported multiple variants of coronavirus globally. Scientists have continuously been comparing genetic differences of various COVID-19 variants and the severity of their illnesses. Understanding Omicron and other variants of Covid-19 can seem confusing but it’s important for us to be familiar with the current landscape of the pandemic.

How To Start Exercising

A Beginner’s Guide: How to Start Exercising
A Beginner’s Guide: How to Start Exercising

If you want to incorporate physical activity into your routine, you have a lot of options for exercise. However, many people don’t know how to start exercising for the first time if you’ve never really exercised before. But everyone has to start somewhere to achieve fitness goals and maintain a healthy weight. This article explains some tips on how to start working out even if you don’t know where to start. Before that, let’s take a look at why exercise is essential.

Managing Diabetes

Managing Diabetes

If you or your loved one is living with diabetes, you probably know how stressful it can be to manage your blood glucose levels on a daily basis. Diabetes affects nearly every aspect of your life, from daily life activities to what you eat. Managing diabetes is very important to prevent many health complications. This article covers advice about diabetes treatment and self-management that can help you live well with diabetes. 

Living With Asthma

Managing Asthma as part of day-to-day life

Living with asthma can be challenging as it can interfere with your everyday life. Although there’s no cure for asthma, you can self-manage it or work with a trained healthcare provider to ease asthma symptoms, stay active, and breathe well. The most important thing to living with asthma is keeping it under control. Identifying asthma symptoms, avoiding asthma triggers, and using medication properly are some ways to keep asthma at bay.

Medical Weight Loss vs. Surgical Weight Loss

Obesity is estimated to affect 37.1% of the male geriatric population and 33.6% of the female geriatric population [1]. You’re at high risk of being obese if you consume more calories than your body can actually burn. Many people consider losing weight quite troublesome, but now, losing weight has become quite easy with many weight loss programs.

What Is COPD And How Can You Live Well With COPD?

Living with COPD

It can get very challenging when you’re diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). You become vulnerable to more respiratory infections, gasp for air in the morning, and exercising becomes harder. Taking good care of your health, making lifestyle changes can help manage your COPD symptoms and improve your quality of life.

Children vaccination: Parent and Caregiver guide

Children Vaccinations

Many infectious diseases have been reduced because of children vaccinations , such as measles and diphtheria. Effective vaccination campaigns have made it possible to eradicate diseases such as Smallpox and Polio in the US. Unlike other developed countries where extensive immunization programs were used, American children are very rarely affected by the devastating results of these diseases.

Are Covid-19 vaccines safe?

covid-19 vaccines

We are closing in on two full years sharing our world with COVID-19 and, while conditions have improved in many ways, the dangers and fears surrounding the risks of contracting the virus have not gone anywhere. People are fearful for their health and safety in much the same ways we were in early 2020. There is light at the end of this tunnel however thanks to the rapidly developed COVID-19 vaccines that were developed during 2020 and rolled out for distribution in early 2021 such as the vaccine from Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson. 

How important is exercise really?

Group exercise classes are a great way to get started and meet people with similar fitness goals.

Our daily lives require us to exercise, but we don’t always know why or how it benefits us. Remember that our ancestors moved around continuously hunting for food and shelter and crossing vast distances every day. We are descendants of nomadic people. The human body was designed for regular physical activity, it has evolved to do so, and failing to get enough physical exercise can have serious health consequences.